20yrs old

long dark hair

blue eyes

34DD bust

size 8


PLEASURES o.w.o,reverse o, watersports, submissive

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long brunette hair

blue eyes

size 10

34DD bust

size 7


To see Alex is a real treat, Alex has captivation eyes which will make you want more!

If you would like to make a booking with Alex then please phone us

PLEASURES o.w.o, kissing,reverse o

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Special Offer

SPECIAL OFFER overnight prices reduced from £800 to £500

Rota Week begining 17th March

  • MONDAY: Olivia, Rachel, Melanie
  • TUESDAY: Louise, Olivia, Melanie
  • WEDNESDAY: Melanie, Rachel, Michelle
  • THURSDAY: Louise, Rachel, Melanie
  • FRIDAY: Louise, Olivia, Jackie, Michelle
  • SATURDAY: Jackie, Alex, Michelle
  • SUNDAY: Louise, Melanie, Crystal, Michelle

Situated in a pleasant riverside apartment in the heart of Bedford, Gems is please to welcome visitors who wish to relax, unwind and experience our unrivalled services.

England’s charm unveiled by local escorts

There is nothing as fun as traveling and meeting new people along the way. They will make every trip special and make the weather the least important thing. But it is not always easy to find people that can accompany you the way that you would like, so take the matter in your hands and arrange everything as you like it. There are hundreds of escorts everywhere just waiting for you to find them and ask them to be your company while you are visiting. They will take you to places that you would not be able to find on your own and they will give you a real feel of the atmosphere of the place. Therefore, in case you are visiting the United Kingdom, an UK escort like those from https://www.eros.com/ would be the right one to be on your side while doing it.

What can you expect?

Each wonderful lady that you meet will make you want to stay longer, so for that reason you should always have a few more days planned, in case it happens. Escorts will give you a quick insight into what you can expect and they will always be right the kind of woman that you want them to be. A wise thing for you would be to visit a website where you can find these ladies and pick one out weeks ahead of your planned trip. That way you will be sure she will be available for you and that is important because not every UK escort is the same. A great place to do this would be EROS, so take your time, explore the webpage, sort out the ladies and contact them. They will always be willing to give you a quick insight into what you can expect. In case you don't know which places exactly you should visit in Great Britain, than here are a few recommendations for you. In all of these places you will be able to find as much escorts as you can handle, and even more, so keep your eyes wide open and your imagination going.

There is nothing better than a local girl

If you are looking for love, than a lady living somewhere far away from a big city might be a good match. But in case you just want fun and the opportunity to enjoy your bed as you never have before, than you should be looking for the bigger places. London is, they say, a must place to go to and that is true, so go there and find one UK escort for yourself. You can take her out to any restaurant you want and explain what you like and love. From there on give her the opportunity to decide where you go, because she will know the city better than any guide.

One nicer place to go is Liverpool, as well as Edinburgh. There you will experience the real charm of the country, but make your plans that way so you can stay in Bedford for at least few days, because there you will get to experience some really nice escorts. Look forward to meeting other people as well and keep your mind open, because only that way you will get to experience some really incredible things.

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